yoga 5 Day


Yoga @ Yela – 5 Day Retreat for Wellness through Yoga and Therapy sessions

(Course Code :Y@Y – 5)

Location  : Peters Park – Resort Hotel in Yelagiri.
Faculty    : Experienced, Certified Yoga Instructors
Duration  : 5 days – including the day of arrivaland day of departure.Friday to Sunday
Eligibility : Beginners and those who are practicing. Participants are requested tobring a fitness certificate from a practicing doctor
Content    : 1)Yoga for wellness which will also address Conditions such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
2)Additional Charges for Therapy sessions (Pain relief-neck/back/knee/headache/migraine/sinus)


Day one

Arrival and Setting Down

1 4.30 PM – 6.00 PM Introduction; Basic Stretches/Yoga asanas
2 6.00 PM – 6.30 PM Snacks and informal Q/A
3 6.30 PM – 8.00 PM Therapy sessions
(Pain relief-neck/back/knee/ headache/migraine/sinus)
4 8.00 PM Dinner


Day Two to Four :

Time Activity

* On Day Three only from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM following will be the program : 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM Free time – visit lake/boating/visit Nature Park

1 6.30 AM – 8.00 AM Stretches, Asanasand Pranayaman
2 8.00 AM- 8.30 AM Yoga practice finer points discussion/ Kriyas
3 8.30AM – 9.15 AM Breakfast
4 9.30 AM -10.30 AM Contemplation
5 10.30 AM – 11.00 AM Tea/coffee (No snacks)
6 11.15 AM -12.00 PM Guided Meditation
7 12.00 PM – 12.45 PM Interactive session on subject of Contemplation and Meditation
8 1.00 PM Lunch
9 2.00 PM – 4.00 PM Free Time.
Therapy sessions (Pain relief-neck/back/knee/headache/migraine/sinus)
* Those opting for therapy may take half hour break and attend hour and half therapy session.
10 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM Stretches and Asanas
11 5.00 PM -5.30 PM Tea/Coffee and Snacks
12 5.30 PM- 7.00 PM Yoga practice finer points demo and explanation/Cyclic Meditation
(or) Therapy sessions (Pain relief-neck/back/knee/ headache/migraine/sinus)


Day Five

Time Activity

1 6.00 AM – 7.00 AM Stretch, Breathing exercise, Pranayama.
2 7.15AM -10.00 AM Trekking – Swami Malai*
Visit Ropes and Knotts adventure Park**
Therapy sessions
(Pain relief-neck/back/knee/ headache/migraine/sinus)
1.*For trekkers Breakfast will be packed and given to be taken at the top of the Swami Malai hill.
2. ** Some of the games chargeable.
3 10.00 AM-12.30 PM Free time – temple visit/shopping
4 1.00 PM Lunch
5 2.30 PM Departure



  • Participants will be taught 20  Asanas and Suryanamaskar. The postures of the participants will be corrected.
  • Preparatory practices for Pranayama and variations of Pranayama will be taught.
  • Participants will be introduced to  basic “Kriyas” – Cleansing Techniques.
  • For those opting for therapy the asnans and pranayama taught will complement the therapy.
  • Therapy part and associated yoga asanas, in this program is organised by PATANJALEE Institute of Yoga & Therapy.
  • Both guided meditation and cyclic meditation are meant to clam the mind and reduce the level of stress. Practice of these would definitely be beneficial when practiced regularly by the participants post training.
  • Dress code is decent casual.
  • Track pants with T shirts for yoga asanas and Pranayama . The same with walking shoes for trekking and adventure sports.
  • Participants to bring yoga mat, cotton towel ( not Turkish) and walking shoes.
  • Participants may visit  – to know about Peters Park and – to know about Patanjalee Institute of Yoga and Therapy